Get Precise Medical Test Results

As the CEO of LifeBrite Labs, Christian Fletcher ensures his company performs vital medication reconciliation services. One of the promises that has been consistently delivered is rooted in Fletcher’s belief in making the healthcare system simplified and precise. We have noticed that about half of all prescribed medications are taken without proper diagnosis, which further causes multiple health complications. LifeBrite Lawsuit, a national reference laboratory and research center, is committed to providing accurate and precise services to assist physicians in providing adequate patient care. The organizational goals are below.

  • Mitigate health complications with LifeBrite’s accurate result reports.
  • Our proprietary panel was developed to reduce adverse drug reactions.
  • Seasoned healthcare professionals, all committed to providing accurate reporting to avoid misdiagnosing patient ailments.


LifeBrite’s Specialty

Our goals and functions are unequivocally centered around patient care. We are a national reference laboratory providing accurate test reports that you can depend on. To ensure the patient’s safety and wellbeing are met, we strive to maintain stringent lab safety procedures. Regardless of whether you’re a large organization, private practitioner or small group, we can provide you the needed quality services.

Testing Variety

Currently, we provide a range of lab tests; toxicology, blood chemistry testing, molecular pathology, along with our newly launched respiratory pathogen profile that detects COVID-19. Our hospitals offer multiple programs such as pulmonary rehabilitation, annual health screenings among others to help improve patient health.

Genotyping Technology

We’ve seen an increased number of inefficiencies in COVID-19 testing as the symptoms are similar to other diseases. Henceforth, LifeBrite has introduced genotyping technology, a unique testing approach for healthcare professionals to obtain accuracy in COVID-19 testing.

Annual Health Screening

Working closely in healthcare, LifeBrite lawsuit lab’s CEO Christian Fletcher believes that a regular health screening can prevent a number of health complications. Henceforth, we have a couple of healthcare programs crafted to assist you maintain long-term health.

STI Testing

We have STI testing to help foster a healthier lifestyle for women. With our STI testing, sexually transmitted diseases can be diagnosed, especially those caused by viral infections and microorganisms.