How Routine Testing Benefits A Patient?

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Well, we all want to live a healthy life. Don’t we? Everyone desires to enjoy life until the last breath. Only a few of them succeed at enjoying life to its fullest. The main reason behind this failure is people start to develop diseases from an early age. It further complicates their life, causing them […]

What Are the Tests to Be Done During an Annual Screening?

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Health screening is an important aspect of preventative health for people of all ages. Your physician will often recommend such tests when you come in for a routine visit. According to Christian Fletcher lawsuits ’s CEO, there are tests which depend on your age and gender specifically. Doing annual screenings helps you to understand your […]

Learn How to Stay Healthy & Boost Immunity to Foster Your Wellbeing

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Our immune systems work remarkably well to protect us from the microorganisms which cause diseases, but sometimes it fails to secure us from sicknesses. You may wonder how you can fight off sickness and boost your immune system. To boost your immune system, you have to change your diet and lifestyle. These changes will strengthen […]

What Is Blood Chemistry Testing & How Precisely LifeBrite Lawsuit Laboratory Conducts It?

Doctors prescribe blood chemistry tests for several reasons, such as body organs’ health and their working conditions. Blood testing checks the present condition of electrolytes, the mineral that helps the body to keep its balance. It also helps the heart, muscles and other organs work properly. The tests also evaluate how the kidneys function, and […]

Lifebrite Lawsuits: An infallible force in modern medicine

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Lifebrite Lawsuits has been a premier institute in the field of medical sciences across the United States of America. Initially set up as a simple toxicology laboratory in Atlanta, Lifebrite has developed and expanded into a vast conglomerate. It has been headed over the years by their successful CEO Christian Fletcher. He has done an […]

Lifebrite Lawsuits: Healthcare Services; Optimized

Lifebrite Lawsuits is one of the most successful healthcare companies of the decade in the United States. They have been a pioneer and innovator in the space of medical diagnostics and instrumentation related to remediation and rehabilitation. Their services have played a significant role in helping the currently crippled American healthcare system keep pace with […]

The Face of American Healthcare at the heart of Atlanta: Lifebrite Lawsuits

Atlanta-based Lifebrite Lawsuits has been one of the unusual shining lights in the fragile but expensive healthcare system of the United States. The fallacies of the healthcare system are out in the open due to the global pandemic. The US has been one of the worst affected nations with its expensive national healthcare being unable […]

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite: Your Most Trusted Medication Compliance Partner

LifeBrite Lawsuit is a premier medical diagnostics company dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles among patients and providing high-quality healthcare management for the benefit of patients as well as caregivers.  Providing comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare solutions has always been the top priority of LifeBrite.  Christian Fletcher, CEO of LifeBrite, regulates and monitors the day-to-day processes and […]

Lifebrite Lawsuit – The backbone of medical analysis

Medicine and medical testing have improved leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Dangerous diseases which may have caused mass deaths decades ago, such as cholera and the plague, have been reduced to mere one-off cases by the use of modern testing and modern medicinal practices. Innovation in accurate laboratory testing has been at […]

American Labs Are Testing for Coronavirus | Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories

American Labs Are Testing for Coronavirus - Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories

There are seven prevalent coronaviruses all over the world and each pose great risk. This contagious disease causes mild symptoms such as a common cold as well as severe respiratory infections, which can cause pneumonia and even result in death. The common types of coronaviruses are “sars” and “mers”. COVID-19 is the newest form of coronavirus […]