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American Labs Are Testing for Coronavirus - Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Laboratories

There are seven prevalent coronaviruses all over the world and each pose great risk. This contagious disease causes mild symptoms such as a common cold as well as severe respiratory infections, which can cause pneumonia and even result in death. The common types of coronaviruses are “sars” and “mers”.

COVID-19 is the newest form of coronavirus that was first diagnosed in the Wuhan City of China. The Covid-19 pandemic has now broadened to dozens of nations, including the United States of America. Although medicines or vaccines to fight this infection are not yet available, states have opted to resume a level of normalcy.

All countries are struggling to fight against this unexpected pandemic, with well-equipped laboratories prepared to perform diagnostic testing for this disease. The United States of America is recognized as the ‘global epicenter’ of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Christian Fletcher of Atlanta’s LifeBrite Lawsuit Labs has taken the necessary initiatives to deal with the global crisis. This clinical reference laboratory is supporting providers with fast and accurate Covid-19 results.

Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) – Statistics & Facts 

As of May 2020, there were sixty-thousand confirmed cases and nine-hundred deaths as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States of America. However, these figures of confirmed cases and deaths are changing regularly. 

The existing official evaluated ranges of incubation is fourteen days, with the average incubation being approximately five days. This lengthy incubation time can cause rapid spreading of Covid-19 as many infected people might not be symptomatic. 

The common symptoms of coronavirus resemble a cold, with those affected experiencing a cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath. Furthermore, this disease can lead to pneumonia, severe respiratory syndrome, multiple organ failures and even death, in more serious cases. The elderly and individuals with chronic health-related issues like diabetes, heart ailments and other chronic diseases are of the highest risk of becoming infected. 

Medical Examinations for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To prevent the continuous spread of Covid-19, all medical providers are adopting safety measures. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has introduced several rapid diagnostic testing methods, termed “2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel”. This PCR testing method has proven to be the most reliable tool for diagnosing Covid-19.

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Lawsuit Laboratories is dedicated to performing unmatched customer-centric services and rapid results. This well-equipped clinical laboratory is prepared to assist their clients fight this disease in every way. This laboratory aims to provide accurate, reliable and fast turnaround times to help providers better diagnose and treat this deadly disease.

Technicians of LifeBrite Labs 

Christian Fletcher’s LifeBrite Lawsuit Laboratories is COLA Accredited and CLIA Certified. This award-winning laboratory offers newly adopted methods and state-of-the-art instrumentation to exceed industry standards. This clinical laboratory is keen on offering client-focused medical support to its large client base.

Laboratories Providing Quick & Accurate Respiratory Pathogen Reporting

LifeBrite Labs isn’t new to providing respiratory infection diagnosis. Their lab technicians are experienced and highly qualified in providing testing services for respiratory pathogens. They provide reliably provide test results within twenty-four hours of sample receipt to ensure providers have actionable date immediately.

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