What Are the Tests to Be Done During an Annual Screening?

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Health screening is an important aspect of preventative health for people of all ages. Your physician will often recommend such tests when you come in for a routine visit. According to Christian Fletcher lawsuits ’s CEO, there are tests which depend on your age and gender specifically. Doing annual screenings helps you to understand your health better. If you have a predisposition to getting a chronic disease, such as cancer, this screening process helps you to detect such conditions early. Early detection allows you to move towards early prevention treatment.

Let’s understand these annual screening tests by age and gender. Each individual is different, so personal medical history plays a big role as well when you work with your regular physician to establish annual health screenings.

  1. 18 to 40 Years of Age

We tend to miss annual screenings at this age, but tests should be done at reliable labs like LifeBrite lawsuits. Most people in this age group are young and healthy and also busy with their work and family. At this age, annual screenings would typically include:

● Weight and Height annual checks
● Blood pressure annual checks
● If family history warrants, cholesterol needs to be checked annually, otherwise it can be checked every five years.
● Skin needs to be screened thoroughly to check for any suspicious conditions
● The medical history should also be checked, to know family medical issues such as diabetes, heart conditions and cancer.
● Like cholesterol, if there is family history, you need to check your diabetes once a year
● Several types of blood testing should be done, such as a complete blood count, HDL, LDL, basic or complete metabolic panel, liver enzyme markers, thyroid panel, plasma glucose and sexually transmitted diseases.
● For women, there are certain types of gender specific screenings, the most common listed below:
○ Cervical cancer screening once every three years
○ HPV vaccine, if not received as an adolescent
○ Breast exams should be performed at home every month, but it should be checked once a year

  1. 40 to 65 Years of age

● The shingles vaccine should be given at age 50 and up
● Flu shot should be given annually
● If a patient is above 50, colorectal screening is recommended once a year
● A colonoscopy is needed depending on medical history
● If risk factors are involved, osteoporosis screening is also needed
● If the patient is a past smoker and over the age of 55, lung cancer screening is essential
● Mental health assessment is also recommended at this age
● Along with this, a woman needs a little bit of extra attention such as:
○ Annual blood work needs to be done
○ A mammogram needs to be done yearly if risk factors are involved
○ According to a patient’s medical history, a pelvic examination is required once every three years

  1. 65 years and Older

● Colorectal cancer screening is required
● Height and weight should be checked every year
● Fall prevention screening is needed
● Mental health screening is important at this age
● For those 65 years and older, a high dose flu vaccination is required
● Women at this age require screening such as:
○ Cervical cancer screening annually
○ Osteoporosis screening annually

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